Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Running 10's All Day Long!

Finally have the ProCharger dialed in well. Best run is:

10.818 @ 128.25, 1.565 sixty

Here's the run:

The sixty-foot is amazing, and the consistency of the runs is a race winner. Here is a montage of a good number of 10-second launches on the same day:

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bought a used 2004 GTO!

Now that the Camaro is becoming more and more a race car, I jumped on this opportunity when I saw it: a used 2004 GTO automatic in Cosmos Purple. It has 104k+ miles and is in great shape for a car that cost me only $4-figures. :-) It'll make a good daily driver.

Naturally, I had to take it to the track, back to Alabama, where it ran a 13.8 @ 101, bone stock (mostly).  My original GTO, back in the summer of 2004, never broke 100 or out of the 14's.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ProCharger D1-SC Installed

Took the plunge and installed the supercharger, a ProCharger D1-SC with a Wastegate and an Aeromotive fuel pump.  At max power level (about 11psi boost), it makes 620 rear-wheel horsepower and 572 torque. For a more manageable daily driver, we dialed it back to 595/535.

Here it is on the dyno:

And here it is on a brief jaunt in the mountains:

And here it is on a shakedown run, where it ran 10.7's in the 1/4-mile right out of the box:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best with Cam

Took the SS to my favorite track, Steele, Alabama, and set a personal best with cam-only.

11.633 @ 118.01, 1.605 sixty, 1/8th: 7.434 @ 94.56.


Friday, December 9, 2011

11's and Then Some

In early November I had a new cam installed, along with what is called an "LS3-conversion". Basically, the new automatic Camaros come with a different cam than the manuals, and also have Active Fuel Management and Variable Valve Timing - fuel economy improvements on many new cars. The AFM turns off 4-cylinders at cruising speeds. Needless to say, pretty useless for my goals.

The new camshaft I chose is from Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, famous in the modern EFI hotrod world, especially with Corvettes. Mine is their GT-9 cam, designed especially for blowers, or superchargers. I decided to install it first, to get me into the 11's easily and get me ready for the addition of what will likely be a Procharger D1-SC Supercharger next year. With just the cam, I gained 48 HP, which was exactly what I needed.

Here's the video of the car on the Dyno after the cam install:

And here's an idle video:

Since my GTO days, there has been a Shootout in Darlington SC each November. It is only for GM cars with IRS, mainly GTO's, Corvettes, Camaro's and G8's. I participated in the first one a few years back and now I brought my new Camaro.

Results were great:
Sixty foot: 1.695, 1/4 mile: 11.731 @ 117.58

No reason to go faster than 11.5 until I'm ready for a roll cage, so I'm very happy.

Here's a video form the day, which tells you a bit about me. We were in a bracket race (racers pick their predicted time and try to run as close as they can to it, without going faster), and as I began the race, I realized I had beaten my opponent handily off the line and could "lift" and coast through the traps - so that I would win and not "break out". But, the launch felt so good and the pass felt so right, that I did not lift, "broke out", but set a personal best. All those things went through my mind in the course of about 2 seconds... it's just not in me to slow down. :)

Here's the video:

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Personal Best

Went back to Steele's Midnight Madness on September 30th. Beautiful cool night. I managed to squeeze out some more timing and set a new personal best:

1/4: 12.152 @ 113.69, 1.677 sixty
1/8: 7.784 @ 89.65

This week, I'll be looking at camshafts and planning the next stage of the car's transformation into a serious contender. For bolt-ons only, my L99 Camaro SS is #7 on the list on Camaro5.com.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting ready for Fall racing!

Recently, we have installed gears (3.45's from a manual Camaro), an underdrive pulley, and a Meziere electric water pump. Also installed have been lowering springs, front and rear sways, and differential bushings.

Altogether, I have not beaten my previous times, not because of the summer, but because the new suspension components have not helped me improve my sixty-foot times. So I will be making some adjustments.

I have made some visits to Alabama International Dragway's Moonlight Madness, which is a lot of fun. Here is a helmet-cam video at Steele:

And a good race with my regular camera against an LS2 GTO:

Then a daylight video with the helmet-cam.

On that day, I had six back-to-back runs with a 12.3 @ 112. Very consistent with the new electric water pump, which keeps engine coolant temps down in the staging lanes.